Skills List

II have been offering a variety of teaching sessions over the last few years. Sessions can be booked in a range of subjects, as follows.


Sketching from life and photographs, using traditional and contemporary mark making skills in pencil, charcoal, pastel and silver point.



Handling water colour, oil and acrylics in various styles on a mixture of different grounds


Digital Collage

Using Photoshop, cameras and scan beds as tools for the construction of digital collage.



Basic modeling techniques to create sculptural and decorative ceramics for indoors and outdoors.



Designing and creating in multi media 3D.



Design and practice for press free lino cutting, collograph and woodcut prints.


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2D and relief construction of printed, found and hand made items.



Concept, design and construction of installations.


Mixed Media

Composition and execution utilising a mixture of mediums within one image.



Development, composition and construction of dramatic photographic sets.



Introduction to imaginative character design, practical illustrative instruction and development.


Design Craft

Design and construction of decorative arts using traditional craft skills.


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