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Divine Dancing Drawings

“Supported by a bursary from a-n The Artist Information Company”.

The final day, and what a day it was. The whole day saw us submerged in life drawing. Patti our model was divine to draw, an artist’s dream. Her slender form revealed muscle, sinew, tendon and bone. As she danced to the selection of music that she had brought with her, we were able to catch her in motion as her stretched and flexed, revealing her incredible form. The modest speed at which she turned allowed us the opportunity to make marks on the paper to reflect her gentile swaying which so magically revealed her delicate form. I became utterly entranced and lost myself in the beauty of her mesmeric movement and the fine balance of her form. It was an impressive performance, which we were privileged to witness.

In the afternoon we worked with more traditional life drawing poses. We had several thirty to forty minute poses, where we could produce a range of drawings in a variety of mediums. I was able to pick up some great tips from Dr Sarah Simblet on how to further develop my own work as well as some great ideas for further engaging my life-drawing students in future classes.

I will never forget the opportunity of working with Patti the dancer, such an incredible model. The entire course was entirely unforgettable. The course content, the tutors, the location and the rest of the group were all fabulous. It has been a very busy week full to the brim of education, information, new skills and companionship.

I will continue to benefit from the opportunity to attend this course for some time. I cannot be more grateful to A-N information for the bursary, which enabled me to access this opportunity.

#Professional Development Bursary.

Sketches of Patti

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