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The Anatomical Vessel

Anatomical illustration at the Ruskin

“Supported by a bursary from a-n The Artist Information Company”.

Day three and wow does my brain ache. I will really sleep well tonight. I am astonished at how much information the mind can retain. Dr Sarah Simblet yet again astounds with her incredible knowledge within her field of study. We had a whole day of fast track learning about the anatomical system, layering drawings to illustrate the functions of the muscles and ligaments.

Apart from learning about anatomy, today I also learned about teaching. The Ruskin students have been lucky to have been taught by Sarah for many years. She has vast experience of relating information to a variety of audiences. What comes across most apparently, apart from her vast knowledge, is her ease in sharing this information. She is so enthusiastic that you can’t help but want to know more. I sincerely hope that I can in some way inspire in my own students the passion for knowledge and learning that Dr Simblet imparts in these sessions.

And so what did I learn? Well lots! So much in fact that my brain will be continuing to process this information for some time to come. What will stay with me however, from moment one, is my appreciation that our bones are actually alive, how they change throughout out lives and tell us, long after death, stories of our strengths, our ailments, and our endeavours.

Anatomy is about life. It is the story of humans caught up in these vessels that we sail our lives in. Like beautifully complex time capsules our bodies carry us forward and live on far beyond the time in which our conscious sparks expire.

#Professional Development Bursary.

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