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Foramen or Foramina, Artist's Anatomy

“Supported by a bursary from a-n The Artist Information Company”.

Day two at the Ruskin School of Art sees us immersed in the world of anatomy. If you ever neglected to pay attention in your school biology classes then it’s not going to be a huge problem because Dr Sarah Simblet talks in detail about bones and skeletal systems in a way that could have engaged the most truculent of school children. Never would I have thought that I could be so excited to learn about foramen and foramina (holes in bone). In a studio full of bones, both human and animal (for which we must thank Cath Clay and her collection) we are left to wonder at the beauty and complexity of humans and animals. A full day of learning and sketching with the additional assistance of Psalm (she couldn’t be lovelier), allowed us to stretch our observational skills and artistic abilities. Top tips from fellow creatives made the day flow well, giving a delightful spirit of camaraderie.

As a successful artist, anatomist and author, Sarah’s experiences are extensive and her openness in sharing both her stories and artistic methodically are both engaging and deeply refreshing. One cannot help but be left a little in awe of her accomplishments, her artistic skills and above all the energy that drives her continuous creativity. All her students are extremely privileged to be benefitting from her expertise and generosity of spirit.

Day 3 promises to be equally enticing, I simply can’t wait.

#Professional Development Bursary.

Dr Simblet's collection

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