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Blog, Bursary and Bones, AKA Granddad

“Supported by a bursary from a-n The Artist Information Company”. Unused as I am to blogging I am entirely happy to ‘give it a go’, in order to share with others news of the fabulous opportunity which I have been given in light of the bursary from a-n The Artist Information Company. My professional development bursary has enabled me to attend an incredible course in the Ruskin school of Art, Oxford. Art and Anatomy, led by the delightful Dr Sarah Simblet, anatomist, artist and author is a 7-day course covering anatomy drawing and more. Today we were introduced to structural drawing, working from ‘Granddad’ the skeleton, we became comfortable with drawing the skeletal form. We also benefitted from a presentation of contextual studies, placing anatomical studies into context from it’s beginnings to it’s current usage. It is a delight to be able to work alongside international students who are making the most of the highly qualified staff and great facilities of the Ruskin school of art. For my part it has already been a fascinating journey into areas of technical drawings skills long since neglected. It is incredible how much information comes flooding back when we sit and engage as students rather than as the teachers we can become so used to being. I am also delighted to be able to promote the concept of bursaries. Without funding this is not a course I would have been able to access, meaning that myself and in turn my students would not have the benefit of what I will be learning this week. Keep posted for further details of the adventures of Granddad and co. #Professional Development Bursary

Granddad, Dr Sarah Simblets' trusty companion

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