Leanne Vaughan-Philipps MA

       I am a multi-media, mixed disciplinary artist living and working in the Swansea valley.

I have been lucky enough to raise my family here in Godre'rgraig surrounded by stunning scenery,

wildlife and a wealth of cultural history.

    We are sited between the mountains and the sea. With the Brecon Beacons, numerous castles,

waterfalls, lakes, parks, and the Gower peninsular just on our doorstep, we are never short of

places to explore.

    I am also a qualified lecturer and youth worker as well as a parent and artist so I live a busy but

fun life here in Wales.

My art practice is very varied. With a mixed background of Illustration and Fine Art I enjoy the

freedom to be creative in whatever medium I feel works best. 

    I am also a collector. I collect all kinds of things that may be of use to me in my artwork, from antique photographs to old lace and rusty nails. I adore the signs of aging that are to be found all around us and I am intrigued by the hidden narratives that we can draw out from everyday 


      I always look out for unoticed details in things, meaning that other people's junk is always

         my treasure. 


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